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Bungee:"I am going to Conquer the fear of death."

Bungee: "I conquered the fear of Death " Sitting there 3 feet from the platform from where I was  about to jump 160 meters to meet my death or to complete my elation. I stared around looking at all the unfamiliar tools and weird equipments, harnesses, cables, wires, and bungee.  I noticed that the bungee is a few inch diameter of white rope.  My life is in that bungee rope I thought, The only thing to bring me back alive. Meanwhile the three man crew was talking back and forth to each other.  One at my seat instructing and guiding me how to detach the ankle harness after the third rebound, the other managing the bungee and another the bungee master,I'm not quite sure what he was doing.  I decided to trust them.  I  had no choice . Photographer came and took a short interview , I said "I am going to conquer the fear of death" I smiled and looked over my friends and photographer. I tried to look brave, though with fear and excitement inside of myself.